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You are now going to enter the ODELab, a test laboratory for ordinary differential equation problems and solvers.

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If you share your computer with other persons who wish to access ODELab at the same time as you, please enter above a unique alphanumerical id. This way, ODELab will be instructed to create a unique work directory to store your result files, to avoid trouble by sharing the same space with other users. You are free to choose any name which starts with a letter and is at least 3 characters and at most 10 characters long.

Note: If you are accessing this laboratory from a personal computer, and this computer has a static IP-address on the network, then you may choose to leave the above input field blank. In this case, your files will be kept in a directory which is identified by your IP-number.

You may use the ODELab with any forms and frames capable web browser. However, to make best use of the implemented features, i.e. the forms input validation by JavaScript, we recommend to use Netscape 4.0.3 or a later version, or Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.