Numerical Analysis and Modelling



CodeLab is an interactive laboratory for making experiments with selected numerical library codes. In the available test laboratories, there are graphical user interfaces where the user may select a numerical problem to be solved, and a numerical method for solving it. Some laboratories also allow to experiment with a self-defined problem. Moreover, numerical parameters and parameters related to the problem may be entered. The results may be viewed in form of graphical diagrams, as well as in formatted tables of numbers.


NewtonLab is a laboratory for solving highly nonlinear systems of equations with a collection of Newton methods, which is based on affin-invariant Newton techniques. They are implemented in the codes NLEQ1 and NLEQ2, which is part of the ZIB CodeLib; and in the new codes NLEQ_ERR, NLEQ_RES, QNERR und QNRES of the NewtonLib. Additonally, as a special solving option, the differential equations initial value problem solver LIMEX is available for computation of the Newton-path. Especially for the codes NLEQ1 and NLEQ2, several options are available to control and optimize the performance of the numerical method. A feature to test self-defined problems is available in this laboratory.


ODELab is a laboratory for solving Initial Value Problems (IVP's) of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE's). There are several different solvers available. Highly sophisticated numerical library codes of Runge-Kutta methods, Multistep and Extrapolation type are available. Stiff as well as non-stiff predefined problems may be used to experiment with these codes. Also, self-defined initial value problems may be solved in ODELab.
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